Brick by Brick and Step by Step
February 2, 2002 -- Danielle is a regular auxiliary pioneer. This means that she devotes at least 50 hours a month to preaching and teaching about the Kingdom. She studies regularly and reads the Bible every day.

Danielle works part time from her home doing data entry work to support herself and her family. She has erased 25% of her debt. She is successfully and consistently following a budget.

Danielle is on a successful medicinal regiment. She has consulted a psychotherapist and is progressing in her battle against anxiety and depression. Danielle has lost 20 pounds. Danielle reads at least three books a month.

Danielle is in regular contact with all of her friends.
Six Months....
Six Months Passed...

One Year....
August 2, 2002 -- Danielle is a regular auxiliary pioneer averaging 70 or more hours a month. She is prepared mentally, spiritually and physically to begin regular pioneering. Next month she will become a full time minister.

Danielle is consistently paying down her debt. She invests $100 a month.

Danielle has severe migraines fewer than five times a month. She has lost 50 pounds. She has purchased a bass and regularly practices.

She has seen all of her extended family members.
Three years....
August 2, 2004 -- Danielle is a regular pioneer, which means she works over 850 hours a year as a minister and teacher. She has studied the Bible regularly with at least 3 people.

Danielle invests $200 a month. She has severe migraines fewer than 5 times a year, which is normal for migraine sufferers. She regularly sees the doctor and is taking preventive measures against future health problems. She is at a healthy weight.

Danielle is either married or happily single. She no longer lives at home and is successfully maintaining her own.
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February 2002 - I did read a book this month that was over 1000 pages long, so this should count as three books, okay? I have consulted a therapist and I am progressing in my battle against anxiety and depression.

However, due to this depression I haven't come close to reaching any of my other goals. I have also gained six pounds although thankfully it isn't noticable. I don't have the strength or presence of my mind to stay in phone contact with my friends, and that's what most of them want. But they are on my mind.

I am better off than I was six months ago. A lot has changed, if only internally. Oh, and I haven't had more than two migraines this month.
One Year Passed...
August 2, 2002 -- It's so weird how I type in the third person over there <----. So a year to the day I created this website has passed. Some of my goals have been reached, and that's always a good thing to say. I see I'm not a total failure. Some areas of weakness have become illuminated and I can concentrate on the more.

I have been up and down in the field ministry and frankly, I need a lot of work there. I'm not prepared to be a full time minister. But I got a taste and I really liked it. I think about it a lot.

I've paid down much of my debt and I have a great budget. I feel financially secure for the first time. I don't have many migraines. I am the exact same weight. I've seen all of my family. I LOVE my bass.
Three Years Passed....
August 2, 2004 - Looking at it one way, I failed to achieve my spiritual goals. I'm not a pioneer and I haven't started any bible studies. I've had my stops and starts, but as of right now, I'm too sick to be a pioneer. However, I have accomplished one thing that I think is very important. People often tell me that I am an encouragement to them when I am able to do something, even if it is as simple as attending one meeting. There are other sick ones who are encouraged by me and built up by my comments. This is worthy indeed.

I don't invest that much money because I am disabled so I don't make that much money. But I do have an investment account and a regular budget. I rarely have migraines. I don't see the doctor very often but physically, I am mostly quite healthy. However, I weigh 20 pounds more than I did at the start of the journey. I still live at home, happily so. I had a chance to marry but I'm not ready yet.

I'm happy.