Danielle Now
Danielle is a Jehovah's Witness residing on the east coast of the United States of America. She lives in a house with her mother, father and 21 year old brother.
Personally Speaking
Danielle was once an avid reader but has drifted away from her favorite hobby. She enjoys computer games, surfing the internet, watching television and singing.
Spiritually Speaking
Danielle dedicated her life to Almighty God Jehovah on December 2, 1995. She is currently a monthly publisher, helping to teach others about God's Kingdom.
Professionally Speaking
Danielle recently left her temporary job as a telephone claims representative. It has been Danielle's lifelong dream to pursue a career as a volunteer full-time minister and Bible teacher. She has recently begun that pursuit in earnest.
Physically Speaking
Danielle is a chronic sufferer of severe migraines. She has to deal with one almost on a daily basis. They can be debilitating and leave her completely incapacitated. Her current medical treatment had to be stopped because of an intense allergic reaction to the medication. Danielle is a participant in a major study involving migraine sufferers and soon she will be receiving a new medication as part of that study. She will also be discussing treatment options with her physician.
Emotionally Speaking
Danielle probably suffers from general anxiety disorder and serious clinical depression, although she has not sought any kind of treatment for either one. Even now that she has real and desirable goals to look forward to, she still frequently feels like a complete failure and is often listless and fatigued. Her sleeping pattern is highly irregular and unfulfilling. There are many times when she doesn't care to live anymore, but doesn't want to disappoint or hurt her family and Jehovah God. Often it is hard for her to see these and other problems as part of a mental disorder over which she has little to no control. She usually thinks of these problems as indicating more failure on her part.

When she has to go out into the world and deal with people, she becomes abnormally anxious and fearful, and extremely prone to embarassment. She has suffered panic attacks over something as simple as losing her hat in the street, and often appears sullen and disgruntled around other people.
Socially Speaking
Danielle has become increasingly alienated from her friends. She has attempted to strike up new friendships and reinvigorate old ones, but usually her efforts fizzle out and she finds herself alone.
Financially Speaking
Due to her recent loss of paid employment, Danielle's financial future is still unclear. She has tried to formulate and follow a budget but she has consistenly exceeded it.
Danielle Speaking
This has been just a brief overview of where I think I am in key areas in my life. While it may seem negative, for me it felt good to talk about these things. They were all current as of August 2, 2001. Overall, I am happy with myself but could be much happier. I know that I am a valuable person, but I don't think my actions reflect this often enough.

I realize that this website is pretty self-centered, but it is the only chance I get to really be honest with myself. I spend a lot of time listening to other people talk about themselves and give me advice. This is my time.
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