My Wonderful Friends
In many ways I have become a new person, better and happier. I owe much of this to some special people I've met in my life. I'm proud to call them my friends forever.

Esteban is a man I have known since I was a teenager. I have never met him face to face, we met online. I've said a bit about him in my diary, most notably the fact that our lives seem to run parallel sometimes, up and down at the same times or getting involved in the same sorts of things. We've gone through so many of the same things, and have felt the same a lot of the time. We are comfortable with each other. I think that Esteban really respects me as a person and I know that I respect him. Esteban is very thoughtful and he is also intelligent and our personalities are compatible. Our conversations are filled with phrases like, "I know exactly how you feel". Esteban was really there for me when I was sick and isolated in my home. He was my only friend for a time. I don't know if Esteban knows how much I like him but I suspect he knows that he matters to me and I wish him well always.

I met Javan in 2003. Both of us had social anxiety disorder and at first it was great to finally meet someone who could understand what I was going through. But Javan is so much more than just another Witness with social anxiety disorder. He is one of the most gentle, humble, faithful, loving and supportive people I have ever known. He always knew how to say the right thing to encourage me and help me get in touch with my emotions. We shared scriptures and thoughts with one another and kept going. He is also the most creative person I've ever known. He changed my life for the better and I can't imagine my journey in this life without Javan.  He is a writer (amongst other creative avenues he takes), and he was the one greatest inspiration for me to start writing again. I don't know if he realizes just how special he is. Even though we are no longer very close, he is the kind of person you just want to be happy and I hope he remains joyful.

I have known Carmencita since high school. She was my first real friend, my first best friend, and the first person I knew loved me outside of my family (and when she met I was not really sure of my family). For many years we drifted apart and I have talked about it a few times on this site, how I regrettd not feeling close to her but not knowing what to do to change it. She was not in the truth for a while but now she is back and supports me as I try to grow strong. I still don't know why she loves me but maybe it isn't important to know. I just know she is kind, loving, beautiful and good.

Gábor was my best friend for two years. He came into my life at just the right moment and I will be forever grateful. It isn't often that you meet someone you can feel totally comfortable sharing both your thoughts and your feelings with, but Gábor is just such a person. I feel comfortable with him, warm. We both shared a love of the Bible and particularly the book of Ecclesiastes. He is also very intelligent and a deep thinker. He wrote me letters which I absolutely love. He was very shy just like me, and sometimes our introversion caused us to need time to get our thoughts together. But he always gave me that time and he was very considerate. We shared an important time in our lives together. In many ways we lived in different worlds but talking with him always made me feel right at home. He is very sweet, considerate, he has a good sense of humor yet he can also be serious-minded and I appreciate this. I feel like I always understood him and where he was coming from, and likewise he always made me feel appreciated and understood. We have since parted ways on good terms and maybe some day we will reconnect, but my friendship with him was a beautiful season in my life.

Ambrosia is a woman that I met as a teenager t at a district convention that my family was visiting, and subsequently we talked on the phone a few times but we did not really hit it off. When she called me up after a few years, at first I was dreading the conversation but that quickly changed. In some ways Ambrosia and I are as different as night and day. As introverted and shy as I am, Ambrosia is very extroverted and outgoing. She's bold and brassy and tends to say what's on her mind. She stands up for herself as best she can and I know she also stands up for those she loves. Ambrosia has brought a wonderful, colorful light into my life. But she is my sister and our love remains strong through pain and joy. Ambrosia is kind and understandng. She will go out of her way to help a friend. Some people don't "get" Ambrosia and they try to make her feel bad for being the person that she is. I think you either "get" Ambrosia or you don't, but if you do you cannot help but to love her. I love Ambrosia and I know she will be in my life forever.
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