August 2, 2001-This date  will mark the completion of 20 full years of life for Danielle. No longer a child, but still developing into a mature woman, Danielle finds herself at a crossroads. Follow her on her journey to happiness and success in a succession of feature articles documenting her progress.

This website will endeavor to keep you abreast of current events in Danielle's life as well as discover what has led her up to her current state. It is her own journal of self-discovery and also an inspirational story.
Okay, maybe that is saying too much, but it was fun writing that. This is just my personal diary. I love to write, I love writing about my feelings and what it is that I want to do. I feel more comfortable writing about myself than anything else (because I won't mess it up), and I also feel comfortable sharing my writings if need be. I am not too concerned with proper grammar or even making sense, so if this website bothers you for those reasons, I'm sorry about that.

This website is a work in progress, just like my life. I will keep this website very simple, no fancy pictures, backgrounds, logos, etc. The complicated stuff is in the writing.

August 2, 2002 -- Time passes very quickly as you grow older.

August 2, 2003 -- I am fresh out of "profound statements".

August 2, 2004 - What an interesting time it has been, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

August 2, 2005 - Does a caterpillar know that it's going to be a butterfly?

August 2, 2006 - Don't know yet if it's all been a waste or a learning experience.

August 16, 2008 - I'm still here.

August 2, 2009 - I must never forget to breathe.

August 2, 2013 - Hello, I'm Danielle! Please forgive me but I have no eye for design. Oh also, I'm still here.
In order to understand my goals and dreams, you need to understand where I am currently in my life. Click on the following link to get the nitty gritty:

Where is Danielle now on August 2, 2001?
If you click on the following link you will see the point of this website and the point of my life. Who and what do I want to be, and when do I want to get there?

Where does Danielle want to be? Updated 4/07
It is important to know what I mean by happiness and success. I want these things, but they don't mean the same to everyone. Click on the link below for my definition:

What is happiness and what is success?
Who am I? What am I like? Who do I want to be? My whole life has been about discovering just who I am and what I am meant to be.

Who Is Danielle? Really?
There are some important people in my life that I think deserve special mention. They are my friends and they are beautiful. Click on the following link if you want to get to know me a little better, through them:

Who are some of Danielle's friends?
Click here to read a regular account of my Journey, called Diary.
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